Voting has CLOSED. Skyfish has 9 votes, Harmony has 4 votes, and option three had 3 votes. However, this does not mean Skyfish has won yet, as each of them are going to lead their own event. The size on CP also affects the choice of US leader.

Basically, this is a backup site for GS. All i need you to do is comment which option your voting. Make sure to put your own name when voting, a name which i would recognize. Only People in Greek Sheeps can vote, with the exception of a few who come on chat often, but are not officially in the army. If anyone forces you to vote, take pictures of it, upload it to tinypic or photobucket, and link it to me ASAP


1) Harmony should be US leader

2) Skyfish should be US leader

3) Demote both of them, and make them earn back their ranks, or until they learn to work with each other.


If caught cheating(such as voting twice), you will be disqualified. Whoever comments should already be in the army.

The reason why this vote was made is because Skyfish and Harmony are now in BAAd terms. What happened was simple: I got both skyfish and harmony to lead an event. Harmony asked Skyfish to lead the event alone, as she was unable to come for the event, and Skyfish agreed. However, his family wanted him to watch a show on TV with them, and thus, unable to reject them, went afk before the event started, but came back about 10 minutes before the event started. When he got back, Harmony was angry that he did not keep his promise, as she had passed the responsibility to him. This led to an argument, which caused them to hate each other.

Good Things about Harmony: 

– Kind and friendly to those who treat her with respect

– More organized

-Has 3 years of experience (According to her)

-May be better at getting people on chat than  Skyfish (Not confirmed)

-usually does more of what she think is good for the army, instead of for herself

Bad Things about Harmony:

– Sometimes lacks patience/tolerance, thus gets pissed off easily

– Went to DDOS Skyfish after the arguement(remove Skyfish’s internet connection), uses DDOSing to remove people who annoy her.

– Can be quite disrespectful sometimes


Good Things about Skyfish:

-Can be friendly to some people

-Has close to 4 years of experience(According to him)

-Very active, as he stays up at night, allowing him to be online at both US times and Aus/Asia times (except for some times in aus/asia when it is too late for him)

-Does not care as much for power

Bad Things About Skyfish:

-Can be disrespectful to some people for no reason.

-Wanted war with Water Ninjas mainly for revenge.

-Defaced Water Ninjas website once a long time ago, because people did not agree with him.


Feel free to comment what you feel, if you do not want your comment to be published, just state it in your comment, and i will still count it, but i wont let it appear on the list of comments. However, i will state who’s comments is did not post on the comments place, once the vote is over. The vote will end on Sunday.

-Fluffy Sheep-

By Fluffy Sheep